We have been very touched by the recent disaster in Nepal and as a result we would like to donate 20% of our retail sales between now (05/05/15) and 12th May 2015 to a wonderful charity supporting the crisis. 


Kids at School in Nepal (KASIN - Registered Charity 1111461) was founded in 2005 as a small charity and is making a big difference to the lives of hundreds of Nepali children. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on earth but it is the 12th poorest country in the world. Before the recent disaster, 85% of the population lived in remote rural villages, 60% had no electricity, 38% had no toilet and 45% were illiterate.

Since the recent and tragic disaster, this has only got worse.

KASIN support education in a very remote rural district of Nepal, Phulkarka. Sadly the villages were directly over the epicentre of the earthquake and so over 90% of the buildings have collapsed or are so seriously damaged the they will need to be rebuilt. Fortunately the earthquake happened during the day and so most people were helping in the fields. It was a holiday so children were not in school, although most of the victims were very small children and the elderly.

NASIN so far have helped to provide tents and emergency food and their coordinator in Nepal, Jyoti Adikhari, has organised a rescue mission to the villages. 

Their next mission is to help rebuild and refurbish the schools once the immediate crisis has passed. They are well aware of the likelihood of other powerful earthquakes in the future and there are plans to rebuild on safer ground and using earthquake resistant designs.

20% of all our retail sales over the coming week, until Tuesday 12th May, will go directly to this charity to contribute to their wonderful efforts in supporting the current crisis, and working to improve the future of Nepali children. On purchasing a bag, the 20% of the retail sale will be donated within 30 days of purchase. A confirmation of donation will be made to you. You can find out the exact amount your purchase will contribute to this charity by reading the description on the product page.

To find out more details about this initiative, don't hesitate to get in touch or read our blog post here.

Olive x

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