Welcome to Olive Cooper.

Our collection began as a passion, and continues as a mission. It is British, and inspired by the city.
It is British because all of our products are not only designed in the heart of London, 
but are made entirely in the UK by genuine and experienced leather craftsman. 
Being made in Britain symbolises quality and pride, and we are motivated to keep British manufacturing alive in the UK. 

We will always remain British, and that is a promise.

It is inspired by the city because the collection was born while co-founder Olivia Martyn (aka Olive) was herself working in the city.
Olive was motivated to help professional women bridge together their work and social life with their handbag.
Olive's first collection was a range of handbags, which can be subtly detached to become a larger and smaller bag. Now, we are continually evolving and our mission is to always do something just a little bit different that excites you every day. That is a promise too.

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Founder, Olivia Martyn (known as Olive) started her mission to create her very first handbag in Britain. In doing so, she got to know the owners of her factories and she noticed something quite special. There are factories in the UK which seem quite small, yet their history tells another story. These factories used to be large and thriving businesses, making for all the household names, but when the majority of UK makers started to make abroad, these factories had to reduce in size. Here, Olive could see first hand the decline British manufacturers have faced, and the impact it has had on them.

On the flip side of the coin, there are factories in the UK which are new and growing. These businesses have seen a return to British manufacturing and are now starting to grow their businesses as new designers start to make in Britain, and old designers start move their production here.

Olive believes strongly in supporting both new and old British manufacturers, and believes there is a quality and authenticity you can get in Britain which you just simply can't get elsewhere.  

Olive is keen to ensure her 'made in Britain' label does not start and stop at manufacturing. The leather and suede she chooses is bought from the UK, and is either British in origin, or Italian. 


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