Why I'm Supporting 'Kids At School In Nepal'

Posted: May 06 2015

First day after the bank holiday is always an excuse to run some form of promotion or offer something great to my wonderful customers.

But this time I wanted to offer something that truly could change somebody's life.

When I started Olive Cooper, I put together these values which would guide the way I work and what I do...

 1. Integrity

2. Innovation 

3. British

4. Entrepreneurism

5. Quality 

Alongside integrity in my business plan, was a paragraph on the longterm vision of Olive Cooper, where I would be able to contribute charitably to causes I strongly believe in. I have been exceptionally fortunate. I have been able to have a great education, I was on board an incredible entrepreneurial programme post university called The New Entrepreneurs Foundation, which enabled me to kickstart this business, and I have wonderful family and friends to support me. My dream is to help underprivileged children and adults achieve an education to help them gain work, or to learn key skills to start a business so they can sustain themselves and their families.

Kids At School In Nepal (KASIN) struck a chord with me. This charity helps provide education to Nepali Children in a remote rural district in Nepal, Phulkarka. Every £5 donated each month pays for a child's education in school (including uniform and books). However, as I learned that the children in this rural village may not only have lost their home, but would not have a school to return to so that KASIN could continue their wonderful work, I knew I had to find a way to help. 

As well as offering immediate hands on help, KASIN's next mission is to help rebuild and refurbish the schools once the immediate crisis has passed. They are well aware of the likelihood of other powerful earthquakes in the future and there are plans to rebuild on safer ground and using earthquake resistant designs.

I hope that our generous offering of 20% per bag (up to £78 per bag), will help to support this mission and continue KASIN's efforts of providing education to this region.

If you want to donate to KASIN in some other way, please visit their website here.

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