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Posted: Mar 15 2015

Making in Britain started out as a passion to produce the best quality products. We have been able to achieve this by overseeing all stages of production and working with the best experienced leather craftsman. But now, making in Britain is so much more than that.

Working closely with British factories has enabled me to see and hear first hand their experiences of decline and growth. Their factories are their livelihood, and I feel it is my responsibility to help support them as British manufacturing returns to the UK.

Our article in The Times last week explores my concern of whether or not we can realistically continue making in Britain as our demand continues to grow, and more and more people start to adopt my viewpoint. However, I am determined to remain British through and through, and I'm confident I can make it happen. Wish me luck!

If you are subscribed to the Times, you can read the full article here.
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