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Posted: Jul 24 2014

Where shall we put the logo? That was a question we threw backwards and forwards for a while. Should ‘Olive Cooper’ be visible on our bags?

We had plenty of people telling us to make the brand name clear, so the brand becomes recognisable, but we also had plenty of other’s telling us that as it is an unknown brand, it may put people off.

We compromised, and put OC on the front of (some) of our bags, and an Olive Cooper tag hanging off the side. We decided to place it on the side as when our customer walks with the bag, the brand is visible from behind.


Yesterday proved that was a good decision. Our bags are busy being made in our factories, with only a few samples in my hands. I took out my favourite style (to be disclosed soon), a couple of times this week, and it was spotted!

Yesterday evening I received a message on our Facebook page from a lady called María. She spotted the bag while I was travelling on the tube into London, and explained that she simply fell in love, and had to look us up.


Here’s what she told us in a follow up email:

“I saw your bag on a Victoria Line train yesterday morning. I work “in Latin America”, so my working hours are not standard English office hours. That’s why I was all sleepy at almost 12 pm, completely spaced out, when the girl got into the carriage and stood in front of me. After a few seconds of staring at her I realised that what had caught my eye was actually the girl’s bag and a while after I was actively trying to read the side label to discover the maker’s name. When I managed to read “Olive Cooper” I started trying to mentally figure out how the bag works… “hmmm, that’s different, is it one bag, or two? could I use them separately? the little upper attachment would make a nice evening bag… or even a lunch bag to put inside the large one… And the leather looks good quality too…

Eventually I decided that I had to check out the designer’s site to find out more and,  maybe, get one of them. I made a note on my phone, came to the office and… well, you know the rest.”

I’m glad we made the right decision to visibly brand our bags (in a discreet and lovely way), and I’m even more excited to sell one of our first products pre-launch.


We’re having photos taken this weekend, so you can be sure to see some sneak peaks…

Stay following,

Olive x

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